About – the Ida P Group
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Our story (so far!)

The Ida P group of companies was founded by me, Åsa Ida Persson, and I have worked with large multi-national companies at both global and local level.

My job has led me to take companies to the next level in the value chain of the consumer. I specialize in creating, managing and developing 360° concepts for clients and take the concepts from creative idea to launch. I am also an experienced advisor to executive teams on communication and business development issues. And then, one day, a pivotal event happened in my life…

Crash boom bang!

I was in a car accident and I was close to death. Suddenly I was plagued by questions such as:

“What really matters?”

“What am I?”

”What is there to fear?” and most importantly,

“Who do I want to be, what do I want create and what positive impact do I want to have?” These questions literally hit me in the face. At that moment, I decided what kind of woman I wanted to be.

As strange as it may sound, the car crash inspired me to use my business experience and commitment to create a global 360°concept that is a force for positive change and an innovation that makes a real difference in the lives of others; a concept that moves hearts and minds.

But my background in working with companies’ brands also means that I always need to be up to date on what is going on in society and keep a close eye on what the next big opportunity business is.

When I started developing the Ida P concept, I was grounded in the realization that we have entered a new era. Technology has transformed the world we live in and the consumer has changed with it. Whether we like it or not, technology is the great equalizer in so many ways. Sustainability and long term profitability are now complex issues for brands and the consumer is drowning in products and communication! And we live in a flimsy and unsustainable world. That made me start to analyze today’s society and the new attitudes and values that “modern people” have even more.

My conclusion was that the world doesn´t really need “another” advertising or another gaming company and we can´t work as we used to. The consumer is looking for self-fulfillment and is driven by learning something in combination with great entertainment. Nowadays, there is an increased demand of more meaningful and authentic values in business models. I decided to act on my belief that good content well told can truly make a difference to how one sees the world. And what you give, you get back. To build a strong and long term relation with the consumer, we need to work with a deep sense of humanity that inspires social change and seeks to entertain, encourage and empower every individual to take action.

That´s how our own 360° concept and intellectual property Ida P was born.

I have now gathered a team of believers who I hope will proceed to eat, sleep and breathe Ida P!

Always, trust your wings.

Åsa Ida Persson