Give Hope – the Ida P Group
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Give Hope

“Today, for every four children diagnosed with cancer, three survive. More research is needed to save more children, and research costs money! Give Hope is a new way for us to raise money for our life – saving work. The fundraising concept has many different components: products in stores, TV, and digital platforms. The Ida P Company helped us identify and integrate the components required to build a successful concept. We have done a great deal so far and are working on saving even more children!“

Olle Björk, Secretary General, The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Client: The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.
Concept name: Give Hope.
Pay-off: Ge bort något litet, starta något stort (Give something small, start something big).
Alliances/partners: TV – Channel 5, Radio – Mix Megapol, Products – Bauhaus, Interflora, Ur & Penn, MQ, SkickaTå,, Cloetta, Unilever/GB Glace, Universal Music, Kuponginlösen, Mobilab and Runda upp.
Project group: The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund: Client. The Ida P Company: Main project leader and creator of the concept. Partners: Handling business in their own channels, such as shops and intranets. Identity Works: Brand platform, visual identity and parts of the web concept. Companion & Adore You: Web and mobile production. Vasarusaru: Copywriter. Potemkin och Marshman Music: Movie and music production. Fabian Björnstierna: Photographer. Customers Only: Print production. IUM: Media intermediary. Top Visible: Search and AdWords marketing. Publik: PR. K2 Analys: Analysis.


The first task for The Ida P Company was to project lead the process and identify what building blocks were needed and how they should be used to create a successful concept moving on different platforms. The concept was to have a wide reach in Sweden, work long term, be scalable, and speak to the target audience, ”the modern individual” (especially those aged 20-45), which meant that social media was important. After the launch and when a couple of campaigns had been completed, the task was to further develop the concept and make sure that the production around Give Hope was working satisfactorily.

Campaign set-up

The main idea was to build on the feeling of happiness you experience when you receive a present and in that way also give to a good cause. When you give a Give Hope present to someone you also support The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. ”With Give Hope you put a smile on your friends’ faces. Maybe a lovely playlist for your cousin suffering at home with a cold? Or a cake to the friend who least expects it? Or why not a gift card to your dear father-in-law who already has everything? At and in our partners’ shops you’ll find Give Hope labeled gifts for both young and old. With Give Hope we hope that the happiness will be just as contagious as a laugh; or a nice, big yawn from the man sitting across from you on the bus. When you give a Give Hope labeled gift you also bring hope to children fighting cancer.” To reach the quantitative goals, we put the Give Hope tag on existing products from partners and used existing sales platforms e.g. partner stores. We also created a digital sales platform,, which was integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook.

When someone bought a Give Hope gift we highlighted the individual engagement in real time through the following mechanics:

  • Barometers – one for total sum and one for each partner that displayed the sum of the collected funds.
  • Widgets that displayed the consumer buying the gift.
  • Visualizations on both the buyer’s and receiver’s Facebook walls that show them supporting the fight against childhood cancer.
  • Loyalty program, “My Give Hope”.

During the first year we launched three main campaigns for Give Hope. The campaigns included editorial TV and advertising between and before shows on Kanal 5, promotions on Facebook, banners, newsletters, AdWords, exposure in retail stores and supplements for the newspaper Dagens Industri.


Give Hope launched on 21 Nov 2011, and by 13 Feb 2014 Give Hope had:

  • 13 partners (e.g. Universal Music, Interflora, Bauhaus)
  • 50 different variations/models of Give Hope gifts on the market.
  • 180 different purchasing platforms (15 Bauhaus stores, 72 Interflora stores, 91 Ur & Penn stores, 110 MQ stores, and
  • Collected almost SEK 20 million for The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.
  • Generated broad communication through both social media (virally) and traditional media such as TV.