Glocalnet – the Ida P Group
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Happy G

“Awesome project lead from The Ida P Company and a wonderful, creative idea that aligned well with our brand. We were also integrated into Microsoft’s channels in a non-traditional way. This was very important to us because we want to be perceived as innovative and natural in social spaces with the products and services we provide.”

Sofie Struwe, Communications Manager, Glocalnet

Client: Glocalnet.
Concept name: Happy G.
Alliance/partner: Microsoft.
Project group: The Ida P Company: Project lead, creative idea, and partner integration. Wisely: Web production. Hill & Knowlton: PR. Wisely and Microsoft: Results and analysis.


Create a viral campaign that would spread through the target demographic. The common thread was positive/happy communication that would speak to the consumer better than just talking about price and product. We also wanted a partner with a strong online presence to reach an audience aged 18-30 (primarily 18-24).

Campaign set-up

In today’s digital society, people have a huge need to share things, through Facebook, blogs and other social media. To create interest in the concept we decided to use fortune cookies that could be shared from the campaign site. The cookies were animated, had audio and contained small messages with wishes (affirmations) that people hoped would come true. During the campaign you could visit the campaign site and put together your own affirmation, which could be funny, cute, sexy, crazy or even a little mean. It was also possible to let the site generate a completely random affirmation. You could then share it with anyone you wanted through MSN, email or MMS. Happy G was a way to share happiness with others.

Every time you sent a Happy G (fortune cookie), you also received an offer from Glocalnet. There was also a competition, where the first prize was a personalized message from a celebrity that you could use when someone reached your voicemail (e.g. ”Hello, this is the world’s strongest man, Magnus Samuelsson. You’ve reached Lise Exlöf. She can’t answer the phone right now, but please leave a message…”). To win you needed a code that could be found in a Happy G. We also had other prizes, such as products and services from Glocalnet.

The heart of the campaign was the website, (accessible from msn and on, where all traffic was directed. It was mainly integrated into MSN Messenger, but we also used winks, banners, newsletter, links, and more.