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Find the world in Sweden

Client: hitta.se
Concept name: Find the world in Sweden.
Alliance/partner: Resfeber.
Workgroup: The Ida P Company: Project lead, creative idea and integration of partners. Acne: Web production. Axicom: PR. Hitta.se: Result and analysis.


Create an integrated campaign to drive traffic to hitta.se’s latest service, driving directions. We would also attach an added value to hitta.se that would attract consumers.

Campaign set-up

When we studied a map of Sweden and hitta.se’s service for driving directions, we noticed that there are locations in Sweden that share names with international locations, e.g. New York, Madrid and Crete (believe it or not, it’s true!). We decided that visitors during the campaign should  ”find the world in Sweden”.

The service for driving directions was integrated in a way that the visitor would have to find the directions between two locations and figure out the distance between them. We contacted Resfeber and invited them to partner in the project. For two weeks, hitta.se was loaded with opportunities to win trips around the world – one destination per day and multiple trips for each destination. The response was phenomenal. To create viral opportunities we set up a systematic work process to drive traffic: tell a friend and you could win a round-the-world trip. All destinations were also visualized from day one of the campaign.