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Save the rainforest
1 m² rainforest = 1 cup of coffee

“The Ida P Company created an innovative and sales-driven promotion concept that we implemented together with our coffee supplier, Gevalia. For every cup of coffee purchased from Pressbyrån during the period, we protected 1 m² of rainforest. While we and the Swedish people contributed to a good cause, the sale of coffee also increased dramatically. The concept was integrated into all of Pressbyrån’s 340 stores, radio editorials  and more. It was a great success!”

Ulrika Kerje, Marketing Manager, Pressbyrån.

Client: Pressbyrån/Reitan Servicehandel.
Concept name: Save the rainforest – 1 m2 rainforest = 1 cup of coffee.
Alliances – partners: RIX FM and Gevalia.
Project group: The Ida P Company: Project lead, creative idea, and integration of partners and supplier. Leo Burnett: Production store communication. Pressbyrån: PR and analysis.


Create a sales-driven and integrated campaign that is innovative and aligned with the product and Pressbyrån’s core values.

Campaign set-up

Gevalia coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified. Because the product follows a strict set of standards, we wanted to create a concept that would mean something to the consumer, where every individual could contribute to a better environment. Based on this we came up with the idea: for every cup of Rainforest Alliance certified coffee bought from Pressbyrån, the consumer would help to preserve 1 m² of rainforest.

To reach consumers we worked with one of Sweden’s biggest radio stations, RIX FM, which  used advertorials, promotional spots and their website to refer consumers to Pressbyrån stores where they could make their contribution.
The campaign was also integrated into Pressbyrån’s 340 stores. This increased the sales of coffee while also contributing to the preservation of a large area of rainforest. During the campaign we talked about “a coffee that cares”.