Sladdgömman – the Ida P Group
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“One of the reasons we wanted to work with The Ida P Company was that we wanted to try a less traditional campaign where we worked more integrally with our own channels. The end result was very positive and we’re very happy with it. One of the things we received was around 80 minutes of advertorials on RIX FM, where our new service Bredbandsexperten was embodied by a physical person, Matilda. It was also very valuable to form an alliance with one of Sweden’s biggest websites,”

Sara Hallsund, Communications Manager, Bredbandsbolaget.

Client: Bredbandsbolaget.
Concept name: Sladdgömman.
Alliances/partners: Rix FM, and Design Passion.
Project group: The Ida P Company: Project lead, creative idea and partner integration. Familjen & Planeten: Print and web production.
 Hill & Knowlton: PR. K2 Analys: Results analysis.


Create a concept that integrated multiple partners in a specific order. We would communicate in a more innovative way than regular advertising and work editorially as much as possible with the partners. The common thread was Bredbandsbolaget’s service Bredbandsexperten (”The broadband expert”) and the target demographic was women between 18 and 55.

Campaign set-up

By using a well-known phenomenon, tangled cables, and creating involvement around an improvement, a home free of cables, we decided to embody “The broadband expert” that would solve the problem of tangled cables around the country. We created a competition based on showing before and after pictures, a makeover where the winner would get a room in their home freed from cables and upgraded with equipment worth around SEK 100,000.


Ads and advertorials on the website and on air were created for RIX FM. This promoted the Sladdgömman activity/competition while integrating “The broadband expert”. During the advertorials, the embodied broadband expert Mathilda appeared. We also created a competition on featuring Bredbandsbolaget’s services and products. The environment was a modern, digital home in a three-dimensional environment. Sladdgömman was shown on the main page for 20 days and was then linked to a subpage. During the Design Passion exhibition in Stockholm, Sladdgömman was advertised with flyers, on monitors and on with links to We also used some of Bredbandsbolaget’s own channels, such as email and their main website. The prizes were two digital rooms and other prizes from Bredbandsbolaget.