Company overview – the Ida P Group
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Company overview

The IdaP Group has a range of business segments. Below is an overview of the structure of the group. The companies and our head office are located in Stockholm.

is the main company. This is where all the frameworks for concepts are created.

is the foundation and the business segment on which the concepts are built. The studios are to communicate meaningful messages to consumers through storytelling, for example interactive storytelling on social media, quality movies, music and stage plays. Different productions are released through the following affiliates.

IdaP Publishing Studios

Industry: Publishing
IdaP Publishing delivers books, comics, magazines and digital products, (e.g. eBooks and apps), that leverage content in innovative ways.

IdaP Film Studios

Industry: Live action and animated movies and series.
IdaP Studios explores new worlds through magical storytelling and creates live action films, television series and epic adventures.

IdaP Interactive Studios

Industry: Games and other interactive tools.
IdaP Interactive Studios delivers interactive storytelling, games and other digital tools (e.g. mobile, online virtual worlds and web destinations) or licensed games in the countries in which the concept has been launched.

IdaP Event Studios

Industry: Event.
IdaP Event Studios focuses on delivering legendary events in innovative ways, such as exhibitions, auctions, concerts, amusement parks and other spectacular events that create lasting memories.

IdaP Music Studios

Industry: Music
IdaP Music Studios is the home of the music produced for the cross-media concepts.

IdaP Knowledge & Inspiration Studios

Industry: Training and lectures
IdaP Knowledge Studios focuses on helping companies and individuals to upgrade and transform. The company delivers a range of programs and inspiring talks.

is an affiliate to the IdaP Company. IdaP Licensing is the business segment that delivers innovative and engaging product and service experiences across a range of categories – from apparel and jewelry to fine art.
Products and services are released through the following business units.

IdaP Licensing

Industry: Licensing
This business area licenses the rights to logos, names etc. for all of the intellectual properties in the IdaP portfolio. IdaP Licensing works with other companies’ licenses in partnerships to create a wide variety of consumer products, all branded with IdaP.

IdaP Store

Industry: Our own stores
In our own stores we offer consumer products and services across a broad range of categories.