Our values – the Ida P Group
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Why we exist

Everything we do is driven by our belief in making the world a better place – we believe in being a force for positive change

We are facing a tide of extremely dangerous global trends: violation of human and civil rights and the decline of the planet´s life-support system. If that´s not enough, feelings of emptiness and frustration are widespread and mental illness is increasing dramatically according to a number of reports.
Never has there been a time when there has been such concerted worry about the future of the world. Our global society seems to be falling apart, crying out for strong leadership on issues which matter to us all, be they our environment or world peace.

Obviously “just” well-produced products like movies and digital supertools aren’t enough.

People are simply getting more and more lost and disconnected. We live in a flimsy, unsustainable world.

Our conclusion is…we can´t run companies the way we used to.
It´s time to set the world on a new course. It´s time to think differently. It´s time for a change of strategy.

Our solution to the great challenges is to act as responsibly as we possibly can in business. For example, we have a strong belief in the superhuman power that exists within all individuals. This power can help us fulfil dreams, take social and environmental responsibility and promote respect for ourselves, our fellow human beings and for a sustainable planet. We only have one earth, and we are the current custodians of it, charged with the responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

Everything we do is based on challenging the status quo – we believe in having a rebellious heart that dares to question how things are.

Technology has transformed the world we live in, and mankind has changed with it. In this new era, there is a series of shifts happening.

Digital platforms have disrupted the market and companies that have a higher purpose are breaking new ground. The consumer is also comfortable with social media. She has grown up in a connected world and has become her own “personal brand” with her own strong identity. Technology has led her to crave personal growth and community: “See me, follow me! I also want to make money!” She doesn’t need a brand to look up to in the same way as before.

She herself is now the brand and creator. Today we are all brands and creators! The roles have been reversed and we are truly experiencing a powerful shift from single brands to dual-faceted brands. And the next thing is probably multi-faceted brands.

She has also begun to demand more authentic, meaningful products and messaging and to crave a higher purpose: Why do you exist? Do companies exist to make the world better or to destroy it? She is connected! She wants to use her power to create a better world – for herself. She now demands that we help her on her journey, not the company’s journey.

Our conclusion is…we can´t work the way we used to. So we don´t.