Our values – the Ida P Group
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Our values

We believe in the superhuman power that exists within all individuals. This power that is within all of us can help us realize dreams, take social and environmental responsibility and promote concern for ourselves, our fellow human beings and for a sustainable planet. We only have one earth and are the current custodians of it, charged with the responsibility to preserve it for future generations. These is our core values.


People now want to see a mirror image of themselves; a creator, but a creator that takes responsibility in the same way they do, or at least the way they want to.


The best way to gain trust is to give it yourself.


The roles have been reserved and every individual has their own preferences and needs.


We are all connected and one unit. The conclusion is that it´s time for a holistic approach, even in business.


Consumers, partners and employees are human beings that have souls. The consumer is not a commodity that can be sold or bought.


Staying true to our mission and values is staying true to our consumer.


We need to be a little smarter than everybody else.


The quality of strong leaders is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.