How we operate and our products and services – the Ida P Group
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How we operate and our products
and services

The way we deliver our beliefs, (to be a force for positive change but also to challenge the status quo), is that we should always aim to solve real global challenges through our business. Here is a sneak peek of how The IdaP Group operates and what we do.

How we operate

The IdaP Group provides edutainment, (education + entertainment). Instead of providing pure entertainment, we want to contribute to personal growth where the consumer learns something while being entertained. With our content, we aim to inspire, encourage and empower every individual to take action on issues that are socially and environmentally relevant for mankind and our earth. We want to share knowledge.

To tell a story is a key aspect of the product and services we deliver. If you have something relevant and inspiring to say, you win long-term engagement from the consumer.

Co- creation
We embraces co-creation. Co-creation is where our consumer is the creator and main character and delivers the product or service. Through business units in our 360° concepts, we always aim to deliver digital interactive platforms.

Positive change
The IdaP Group integrates mechanisms and reporting systems into the infrastructure to measure how much we are a force for positive change. We are currently looking at a range of solutions to achieve this.

360° concepts
The IdaP Group delivers our message through 360° concepts, ecosystems where all aspects of content are integrated and create a complete, holistic 360° experience. Instead of creating a business where we just launch one game, one film, one book, one training course, one clothing brand, one hotel chain or one app in isolation, The IdaP Group has a strategic, cross-platform and collaborative approach right from the start.

Our products and services

The IdaP Group is a global media and edutainment provider that is a force for positive change.

At the heart of our business is an IP and a framework for a whole world. Business units delivering products and services such as games, music, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, clothes, chocolate, movies, books, television series, training courses, amusement parks and so on that support this framework. Some of these being rolled out in collaboration with licensing partners.

This is The IdaP Group 360° model that we use throughout our process.

The model is similar to the way some of the world’s greatest companies operate to create major intellectual properties, (IP’s sometimes also called brands). But we push this model further by using cutting-edge technology combined with unique cutting-edge content.