What we do – the Ida P Group
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What we do and how we operate

Who we are

The Ida P Group, with its subsidiary and affiliated companies, delivers content that reaches out on different platforms. The units of content are integrated and create a complete 360° concept.

Instead of creating a business where we just launch one game, one film, one book, one clothing brand, one hotel chain or one app in isolation, we have a strategic cross-platform and collaborative approach right from the start.

We also focus on concepts that inspire, encourage and empower every individual to take action on issues which are socially relevant for mankind and our earth. With our 360° concepts we should always empower the evolution of consciousness and aim to solve real global challenges by using entertainment as a vehicle.

How we do it

Step 1 – we create a framework for a whole world that can be integrated on many platforms, an ecosystem. We also registrate the world as an intellectual property, produce a forecast etc.

Step 2 – we find, negotiate and strike deals with partners.

Step 3 – we handle media, production and release, and we also project lead our partners through the process.

Step 4 – we collect and compile the results.

Why we do it?

As you probably know, today´s society revolves around consumption, and we have a lot more platforms and same, same but not different products. We also live in a flimsy, unsustainable world and face extremely dangerous global trends, such as violation of human and civil rights and the decline of the planet´s life-support system. Nowadays sustainable profitability is a complex issue for companies and we have entered a new age. Our conclusion is…we can´t work as we used to. So we don´t.